About Impi Africa Clothing Manufacturers & Embroidery

Here at Impi Africa Clothing, we don’t just manufacture apparel and embroidery items. We also make sure that the quality of our products ensure a positive first impression with your brand. We officially started in 2007 and developed from over 2 decades of experience in the clothing industry. Our work and experience have enabled us to become specialists in our industry and maintain long-term relationships and partnerships with our clients and suppliers.

Our passion for what we do and commitment to offering our clients high-calibre service is what distinguishes us as one of the leading manufacturers of apparel in SA.

About Our Machinery

By incorporating innovative machinery into our company, we’re able to always keep our clients happy and establish ourselves as industry leaders. We use advanced technology machinery across our production range to deliver the best quality products.

About The Impi Team

It truly does a take a team to achieve what we do here at Impi Africa. Every one of us plays a significant role in advancing the company’s vision and making growth possible. We’re thankful that our company has been fortunate enough to have such remarkable individuals work with us.

Clothing Manufacturing

We manufacture a broad spectrum of apparel including uniforms, workwear, schoolwear, sportswear, fishing gear, jackets, fleeces, shirts, headwear and so much more.