Embroidery FAQ

Q. Is there a minimum order for embroidery?
A. There is no minimum order for embroidery. We will customize any job no matter how big or small. Costing is effected by quantity.

Q. Do I have to purchase products from Impi Africa to have it embroidered?
A. No, You can come in with your own apparel.

Q. Can we use our logo?
A. Yes, We can digitize your logo for a one time art set up fee charge.

Q. How much is the art set up fee charge?
A. The amount of the art set up fee charge depends on the complexity of the design.

Q. What is digitizing?
A. Digitizing is the process of taking an image and changing it into an embroidery format so that the embroidery machine can read it. It is a process that needs to be done very carefully so that the stitches are laid in the proper directions for the best results.